greek life is a joke?

by: Possible PNM

I’m considering rushing to join a sorority in fall 2018. I know I shouldn’t be on greekrank because I need to keep an open mind and such, but I went and did it anyways. I’ve seen people say that Tarleton’s Greek Life is a joke. I’ve also seen (and heard) people say the same thing about the Greek Life of some other schools I was considering. I’m curious as to what it means when people say the Greek Life at a school “is a joke.” Do they mean it’s small? Do they not like the people in Greek Life? Is it “a joke” because of a lack of Greek housing?

Posted By: Possible PNM
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The only Greek life that matters is the one at the school you are attending. Elitists who look down on Tarleton, will obviously look down on Greek life there...maybe they think it is a joke b/c we don't have any sororities that have chapters at UT (why that matters, I do not know). Tarleton's Greek Life is actually really strong and provides meaningful relationships, community, leadership and service opportunities - and that's just during college. When you graduate, you have even more opportunities to meet exceptional women through your national organization, no matter where you end up after Tarleton. No, Tarleton sororities don't have houses, but they also don't have the expenses that come with having houses either. It's less competitive so that you don't have to be a blue-blood legacy to be accepted and welcomed into Greek life (that doesn't mean it isn't competitive at all - get your recs together and clean up your social media before recruitment). Not everyone can be a member of XYZ, though, thanks to the quota/total system, so keep an open mind - the women who go into it with the goal of sisterhood, and not just a certain sisterhood, and remember that all NPC sororities offer essentially the same opportunities in the end are happier in the chapters where they land. There is a place for you - sign up for recruitment and remember it only takes 1 chapter to find a home. Good luck & get of Greek Rank. There is rarely anything here worth reading! :)

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by: ^Sep 2, 2018 3:54:41 PM

I really agree. I have a friend who goes to TCU and she told me Greek Life at Tarleton was a "joke." Ironically, we both joined sororities, and she ended up dropping, and I'm still very active in my sorority here. It doesn't feel like a joke to me, but then again it's all about perception.

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