tarleton sorority letters of recommendation required?

by: Anonymous

Hi! I plan on attending Tarleton starting in fall 2018 and hopefully rushing during that semester. I have heard that some sororities at some schools ask for letters of recommendation. I looked it up myself and have found that Phi Mu requires one, Alpha Gamma Delta recommends one, and that it is really not necessary to have one for Delta Phi Epsilon. However, I am still confused as to whether Alpha Omicron Pi and Delta Zeta require one, recommend one, or if it is uncalled for. If anyone knows, please reply!
Thank you for any useful replies!

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#1  by: Strongly Advised   

Recruitment at Tarleton has become very competitive in recent years, and having a rec can be critical, whether or not the chapters specify that it's required. If you don't have one for PM, AGD, DZ and AOII, and you don't know someone in chapter, there is a very good chance you will be overlooked...it's not personal, but unfortunately it's become a numbers game at this point...and even with a strong rec there are no guarantees - even legacies are only guaranteed to be invited back to the first invitational for most orgs (assuming you have the grades they require). Yes, it is possible to get in without a rec, but please remember that all of the chapters at Tarleton offer essentially the same thing (community, leadership opps, etc.), so whatever happens, go in with an open mind & keep your eye on the goal of sisterhood - not a particular set of letters. Good luck & Bleed Purple!

By: Strongly Advised
#2  by: TSU    

You really do not need one! Some may look at them but that is not dependent if you get a bid or not! Just go in and be yourself and you will find your home :)

#3  by: well   

They do help but they aren't completely needed. I got into a top house and I didn't have a rec for that house :)

By: well

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