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I am a freshman from NUin and was wondering if anyone knew anything about rushing in the spring. Do a lot of sororities usually do it abd do a lot of people participate in it? How do I sign up? What does it look like?

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#1  by: hi   

some sororities do COB (continuous open bidding) in the spring, but it depends on the semester. In like 2 weeks or so they’ll probably start either promoting on insta, or reach out to girls to get them to sign up. Personally, I would recommend waiting until the fall for formal recruitment so you can meet all the chapters unless you make a friend in a chapter that is doing COB. It’s totally normal to rush as a sophomore.

By: hi
#2  by: NUIN   

I was also NUIN- if you want the chance to meet as many chapters as possible, I would wait to do formal recruitment in the fall of your sophomore year. Many chapters fill up and do not have enough spots to do COB in the spring. If you have your heart set on rushing ASAP, sign up for spring COB but just keep in mind that some chapters can't go through with it. 100% normal to rush as a sophomore


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