Offical Frat Rundown

by: The Truth

Posted this last semester, figured i'd copy paste for the new rushes.

Delt probably has the best reputation on campus and is the most well known. They are well rounded group of guys and have close relationships with the top sororities. A lot of people consider them the top frat.

KapSig is also another well known fraternity with a great reputation for parties and social life. These guys (along with SigEp probably are the frattiest houses on campus). They are also the largest. One thing that I should mention is that they've had some recent controversy with SA allegations.

SigEp in terms of reputation is pretty similar to KapSig (not counting the allegations). The culture of each is different but they have a lot of the same rushes. SigEp is probably the most similar to an SEC frat.

Pike is not IFC or on campus but is considered to be another top frat. Their houses are not on the hill like the others and they've had some issues with cops lately, but they're not alone. Still a solid choice.

All 4 of these are generally similar. They throw good parties and have a large presence.

Lower Top/Upper Mid:
Aepi is a bit smaller than the last 4 but still has solid relationships with sororities, fun parties along with some other cool events and a strong campus presence and great brotherhood.

PhiDelt is also a good house with good sorority relationships, parties, presence, dynamic, and reputation. A bit frattier than AEPI and larger also.

Both of these houses have great reputations and many vouch that they deserve to be in the top tier. Your experience in these is pretty similar to the top 4.

Beta is a little smaller than the ones so far but has a very tight-knit brotherhood. They have a campus presence and cool events but are not as well known for parties. Still a solid choice

Pi Kapp: This is a somewhat new fraternity on campus so it's still finding it's footing and is a little more low key. So far though, PiKapp has been establishing itself pretty well but isn't done yet.

Fiji is decent too, but they don't have as much of a campus presence as others and I feel like I don't hear about them too much. Doesn't mean they're bad I just don't know too much about them.

These three are also still pretty good choices, just a bit more low-key but still have strong brotherhoods and decent social events.

Lower Mid:

AKS is pretty unique. They've got a strong brotherhood but their house is a couple miles from campus (no cops tho!) and they do not have a national branch. These hurt their presence but it's not a bad house.

ADP is not IFC which makes things tough and I've heard they were dissociated from their national too. However, I've also heard they have a good brotherhood and know they have a couple bangin parties each semester.

DKE is very new and still small. They have not had much time to grow their campus presence, reputation, or sorority relationships. They're new though so this may change.

BGE is an engineering fraternity that owns a brownstone on Comm ave which is dope. They have a pretty small presence tho and I don't hear about them much.

ZBT is also not IFC and I don't hear much about them either.

Those are the NEU frats. All of them have some good attributes and can provide a community at Northeastern. I didn't say much about the culture of each brotherhood because they're all unqiue. The best way to feel out the cultures of each house, and if it fits you, is to rush

Posted By: The Truth
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#1  by: Bruh   

This post was sponsored by Delt

By: Bruh
#2  by: Geed   

More accurate rundown of top 4:
The top are KapSig, Pike, SigEp, Delt

KapSig - huge mix of guys as they are the biggest frat, trouble with allegations this year, all types of guys in kapsig, more diversity than pike and sigep

Pike - most "fratty", biggest/most wild parties, have main house in Roxbury instead of Mission Hill, off-campus

SigEp - most athletic, more preppy northeast guys kind of similar to Pike

Delt - least "fratty" but most diverse group racially, different vibe of guys than other 3 and takes a lot of shade from guys sometimes, also had trouble with allegations this year

All 4 of the top frats have great parties. The only difference is the type of guys you would get along with.

By: Geed
by: lmaoJan 15, 2023 4:38:00 PM

Sigep most athletic? they havent won any of the sport tournaments we do between frats its always Delt or Pike. Also, nice post Pike.

By: lmao
#3  by: T   

Delt and sig ep got the most allegations last semester

By: T

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