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Can someone give a more detailed differences between the frats please

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#1  by: ac144   

The top are KapSig, Pike, SigEp, Delt

KapSig - huge mix of guys as they are the biggest frat, trouble with allegations this year, all types of guys in kapsig, more diversity than pike and sigep

Pike - most "fratty", biggest/most wild parties, have houses in Roxbury instead of Mission Hill, off-campus

SigEp - most athletic, more preppy northeast guys kind of similar to Pike

Delt - least "fratty" but most diverse group racially, different vibe of guys than other 3 and takes a lot of shade from guys sometimes, also had trouble with allegations this year

All 4 of the top frats have great parties. The only difference is the type of guys you would get along with. \n\n\n\n\n

By: ac144
by: Bruh Dec 12, 2022 11:44:08 AM

That post was so obviously made by pike “biggest and wildest
Parties” that’s such bs lmao, no one agrees with that u geed

By: Bruh

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