AChiO is all the rejects


I’ll say it cuz no one else will

Girls who rush the new srat are all the girls rejected from real sororities and the freshman that didn’t know any better. Can’t believe how scary their PC is

Posted By: Jesus
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Oh screw off. Just because you didn't get a bid doesn't mean you have to be salty about it.

By: I'm not even in alpha chi
by: LolAug 7, 2019 3:44:46 PM

I’m a guy I’m not salty I’m being honest

By: Lol
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By: Lol this is it
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Northeastern doesn’t need people like you in its Greek system. These people did nothing to you. Leave them alone.

By: Wilt
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Unfortunately I agree. Same with the PiKapp kids.

By: Aoun
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Seems like more of a mix. Definitely some weirdos but the girls who actually socialize with people and do stuff seem cool.

By: Anonnn
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They've been on campus for 5 minutes. Please sit down...

By: What?
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59 dislikes, 59 girls in the chapter

By: Lol
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Literally give them at least a year before yall throw a fit like they haven't even had one formal recruitment yet... lol

By: can yall not

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