Pick Of The 2026 Season!

by: Oooo

Alexis Cuban, Mark Cuban’s daughter, just committed to Vandy and followed all the Panhellenic houses. Let’s see who sweeps her up next year 👀👀👀

Posted By: Oooo
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#1  by: smh   

Heard that ZBT been rushing her pretty hard

By: smh
#2  by: .   

she's going kappa or theta for sure. stop pretending like the other houses have a chance with her

By: .
#3  by: Touch Grass   

Y’all are weird asf

By: Touch Grass
#4  by: 2026   

Old news. Apple Martin, too.

By: 2026
#5  by: .    

Old news

By: .
#6  by: classist   

they said the exact same thing about the other billionaire girl from texas when she got into vandy 4 years ago … and those two went to the same high school … the same high school that all the rich girls from Dallas went to and they are all in the same sorority … we all know exactly what house she’s thinking

By: classist
#7  by: .   

No one cares

By: .
by: YuppaJun 4, 2022 5:04:17 PM


By: Yuppa
#8  by: Maverick    

Who absolutely cares? Another rich girl. Marries a dude, produces children, and boom they are rich too and her kids go to Harvard whatsoever. The cycle repeats it's just way too exhausting to even think about bull crap like this.

By: Maverick

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