What are your guys predictions for year


What’ll happen to off campus, surprisingly good pledge classes, who’ll throw best tailgates, etc

Posted By: Future teller
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Pike becomes top tier, Delt gets kicked off for hazing, Sigma Chi discovers gold underneath their house and brothers receive dividends for the mining operations that take place underneath their property.

By: the genie
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Honestly I think if DKE plays out the way people say it is going to then I think SAE will pull an amazing pledge class out and still be top house

Also I think Sigma Chi will rise to like two spot given how active campus is in Derby Days and how packed their parties are and their Theta/Kappa presence

I think if Ksig wants to keep their status as a top tier house they really need to focus on getting a less weird and creepy pledge class this year. I’d say that the majority of these boys aren’t weird/creepy but the ones who are are just so ridiculously creepy and love EDM and drugs more than they could ever love the brotherhood. Fix that.

KA I don’t think is bringing anything especially good or especially bad so I think they will have a super normal rush? who really knows anything about KA other than Robert E Lee

ATO has by far the sweetest guys so I hope they can start to rise up a little more because I don’t think they get enough credit outside of Chio girls

SNU is steadily gaining a strong Tri Delt presence and those boys are sweet as well so maybe if DKE flops they will make some upward moves in the rankings

ZBT/Delt I personally don’t know anything about but I think they are happy and that’s great

those are all the frats I know

By: Optimist
by: Dke Aug 14, 2019 9:26:05 PM

Wait so is DKE an off campus group coming back on?

By: Dke

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