why are there barely any hot vandy girls?

by: Vandy guy

What is up with Vandy girls? I'm pretty sure you can count the number of 10s at Vandy on one hand. Just compare our chapters to those at Bama or UGA and you'll see what I mean.

Posted By: Vandy guy
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#1  by: yeah   

Because they're smart? Idk but there are not many male 10s either

By: yeah
by: dumbDec 22, 2016 12:14:01 PM

So you can't be smart and hot? I know plenty of attractive women at Stanford, UMich, Berkley and UPenn.

By: dumb
#2  by: vandernerd   

smaller population size overall x higher admissions standards=fewer attractive people

By: vandernerd
#3  by: Hawt   

Also with people more focused on academics there's less time to fake tan and dye hair and get manicures and whiten teeth, etc.

By: Hawt
#4  by: Dude   

Because it's a good school

By: Dude
#5  by: Seriously?   

You want to compare Vandy girls to Bama girls?

By: Seriously?
#6  by: asdf   

damn this is actually so true

By: asdf
#7  by: qwerty   

It wouldn't surprise me if Harvard and Yale had hotter girls. I was shocked at how unattractive most girls here were when I first got here.

By: qwerty
#8  by: Lol   

Sorry to whatever salty 5/10 guy wrote this, but the girls here are definitely more attractive than the guys lol

By: Lol
by: lSep 4, 2019 6:09:30 PM

that doesn't make any sense lol, everyone here is equally plain.

By: l
#9  by: lmao   

Here’s what I’ve deduced:
You either just got rejected by a Vandy girl and you’re salty af or you’re living in a box and can’t see that there are actually quite a lot of attractive (&smart) girls here.

By: lmao
#10  by: facts   

lmao the guys here are wayyyy uglier than the girls

By: facts

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