Frats vs Sororities

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Why do guys in bottom tier fraternities seem so much happier than girls in bottom tier sororities

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#1  by: honest   

There are plenty of nice and happy girls in what you refer to as "lower" tier sororities. The trolls on here prefer to only be interested in the nasty ones. There are some girls who would be miserable no matter where they were.

By: honest
#2  by: Why?   

Why do you people care about stupid bullsh-t like this?

By: Why?
#3  by: BenjaminDover   

Girls in high tier sororities are just as miserable as girls in low tier sororities because girls are miserable people.

By: BenjaminDover
by: gregoryAug 23, 2020 9:27:31 PM

gregory agrees

By: gregory

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