Why are all the sororities so mean to each other?

by: Not Greek Yet

I’m a rising sophomore and was really looking forward to joining a sorority in the fall but after coming on this website, it seems just like Greek life at Bucknell is a bunch of mean girls. Is this how it is in real life, or are the girls all so mean just because it’s easy to hide behind the anonymity of a screen? If it’s actually like this and the organizations don’t actually like each other, I won’t want to join.

Posted By: Not Greek Yet
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#1  by: Facts   

Some women are bad eggs but not everyone. Yes there’s always drama between sororities but that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with other greek women bc you’re in a certain organization. There’s always petty drama when you have large groups of people together but for the most part no one is going to be actively mean to your face just because you’re in a specific sorority. It only matters when you let fake stories and false reputations influence how you interact with other greek women

By: Facts
by: WasteJul 8, 2020 6:35:18 PM

Don’t waste your money this semester joining Greek life.

By: Waste
#2  by: srat   

the people that comment on this website are the ones with mean things to say because they know they can’t say it in real life without backlash. there are great and not-so-great people in every organization, so don’t let this website be the thing that stops you from looking into joining a sorority

By: srat
#3  by: Truth   

Some girls in sororities do really mean things to other girls. It is an indisputable fact. You are right .

By: Truth
#4  by: Sophs   

Hey ladies! Make sure you read all these posts with the nasty name calling so you can see what Greek life is all about here at Bucknell.

By: Sophs
#5  by: ladies   

All the girls in Bucknell are nasty

By: ladies
by: MeanJul 7, 2020 8:24:24 PM

Everyone is so petty that anyone reading this would never want to join any Greek life.

By: Mean
by: Good thingJul 8, 2020 7:51:49 PM

Maybe that’s a good thing. Greek life is problematic at best.

By: Good thing
#6  by: Mean    

Watch your backs .I have witnessed bullying happen during rush,and the school says they can do nothing about it .

By: Mean

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