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I will be a freshman this fall, and am thinking about going through recruitment. My friends at the large state universities say that you have to have friends in their sororities to help get you in. Is that true of Rhodes also? I do not know a single person on campus. Also, how many letters of recommendation do y'all prefer? Are 2 for each chapter sufficient-or even just 1?

Thanks for any information anyone can give me.

Posted By: Class of 2019
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#1  by: Epsilon Sigma   

That's not at all the case at Rhodes. The point of rush is to get to know the people interested in pledging. The most important thing you can do is to go out to rush events at various houses and meet brothers. If not enough of the brothers know you by the end of rush, you will not get a bid.

By: Epsilon Sigma
#2  by: A-O-Cutie-Pi   

Don't worry too much about letters of recommendation, but if it makes you feel more comfortable, the sororities won't turn them down! Trust the rush process, trust your gamma chi's, and most of all have fun with it. Rush is a great time to get to know the girls who are going to be in the Greek system, whether or not they are in your sorority. But overall, it's not too much like state school rush. It's not as high stress or as long.

By: A-O-Cutie-Pi
by: mary jeanMar 28, 2015 3:26:58 PM

It is very important to join one of the sororities at Rhodes. It is not as competitive as state schools but it is still competitive. It helps to know someone. It is important to be Greek at Rhodes. All of the groups are good in their own way. You cannot go wrong by joining any of them.

By: mary jean

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