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Ranking of frats?

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#1  by: Bumpkin   

Honestly everything is in flux right now. The frat scene this year is drastically different than in previous years. For example, Sig Nu is considered by some to be top frat (and bottom to others), SAE is hated by some and loved by some, KA actually has parties for the first time in years, etc. Point is that there is no universal opinion anymore like there used to be.

By: Bumpkin
#2  by: Facts of Life   

Sig Nu is honestly the top fraternity right now because they are the only one to not be on probation or be threatened with it this year.

By: Facts of Life
by: ironyJun 26, 2015 12:44:12 PM

It's funny because they are literally on probation right now

By: irony

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