The Reputation of Each Fraternity at Rhodes

by: Don Julio

I am an incoming student and have begun thinking about which fraternities I'm considering rushing in the spring but I wanted to see what reputation each fraternity has at Rhodes. It's been a while since someone posted and I'm really trying to just understand the "vibe" of each Frat and who are the most active on campus.

Posted By: Don Julio
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#1  by: go greek    

All know how to have a good time, leaders all around

pike: involved on campus, good vibes, popular guys who you would want to be friends with

ato: half country boys, half kinda cool, a mix

sig nu: respectful, studious, a good group of guys

kappa sig: great darties, lots of soccer players, hard core

KA: not very active atm

By: go greek

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