Top 10 2015 Fraternity Parties So Far

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Best Fraternity Party 2015
 Best Fraternity Party 2015
 Vicky G  

Think of college and what comes to mind? Studying? Homework? Chances are that your college memories will usually be of a party. I’m talking about Fraternity parties. They come in all shapes and sizes, all over the country, but the question always remains. Who throws the best party? Which school reigns supreme? Here’s a list of the top Fraternity parties of 2015 thus far. Check out if your school or fraternity made the list.

10. ATO's Tug of War Party at University of Georgia
Mud, Georgia Greek Life and a good cause. These are all reasons why University of Georgia’s ATO’s Tug of War party is on our list! The brothers put this together as a way to raise money for cystic fibrosis. Not only was this a crazy fun and crazy dirty party, but it was also for a great cause! In the end, they raised $8,000, sounds like a win-win!

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