Tips For Sorority Recruitment Fall 2018

Shine At Sorority Recruitment With These Top Tips
 Shine At Sorority Recruitment With These Top Tips

Sorority recruitment, or rush week, is about as scary as Orientation Week. But this week, unlike Orientation Week, is highly determinant of what the next four years of your life will be about. You’ll also be -- dare we say -- more judged during this one week than you have been in your four years of high school. That can leave your head spinning and nerves high, but relax. Know that you’ll end up in the chapter that’s right for you.

In the meantime, just control your nerves and put your best face forward. Here are ten tips to help you do so, and shine through sorority recruitment week.

None of the gossip is true. Which girls are the nicest? Hottest? Most fun? Most real? The answers to all of these questions exist on, but that doesn’t mean any of it is true. Every person has their own personal bias about each Greek chapter on campus. Often, you’ll find you hear the same stereotype. But just because you’ve heard it once or several times, doesn’t mean it’s true. Don’t buy unto the rumors, and make your decision based on what you see and experience for yourself. The last thing you want is to end up in a sorority that doesn't fit your personality (and end up dropping out) because you chose the chapter you thought you were supposed to. 

Come prepared for a job interview. Or the next closest thing to a job interview. Be ready to answer a laundry list of questions about your high school experience, your personality, interests, hobbies, college goals, career direction, favorite color, and more. Have a list of talking points for all of the varieties of questions they’ll have, and make sure you have questions for the chapter sisters as well. If there’s a lull in conversation, plan how you’ll bring momentum back. And take notes! The last thing you want to do is by day end, forget what you liked or didn’t like (or even remember!) about each chapter. Come decision day, you’ll be better prepared if you tracked what you thought of each chapter day-by-day.   

It’s a marathon. You’re asked the same question, by a dozen different sororities. You’re smiling as broad as you can, for at least eight hours. You’re not drinking or eating unless you’ve smartly packed snacks and drinks. If you thought sorority recruitment was going to be enjoyable and a breeze, you’re way off. It is exhausting! So stay ahead of the game. Make sure you pack plenty of energy-delivering snacks and the biggest water bottle, in the event refreshment breaks aren’t built into the schedule. Wear heels, but make sure they’re comfortable and you can stand in them through a work shift. And get some sleep!

You’re being judged by how you look. As much as sororities tend to play down whether or not they’re judging you by what you’re wearing, how your hair looks, or how you’ve done your makeup, you are 100% being judged on appearance. Sorority chapters by nature tend to want to attract and retain the best looking girls on campus -- sad, but true. That said, you can’t change how you look,  but you can put in the effort. Plan what you’ll wear for the week (overdress!), and make sure it’s conservative enough, put together, and well-styled. Set your alarm early enough so you can do your full beauty and hair routine. Touch up between houses. It’s superficial, but it’s honest.

Be prepared to sweat. It’s August, you’re outside, and you’re on the move from house to house. Dress to sweat, and take precautions so that it doesn’t show through your clothing. Seriously.

It’s about you. Choose the sorority that you felt most comfortable at. Forget about legacies, forget about what you read, forget about where you think you should be or what’s a “top house.” Pick a sorority based on how well you clicked with those you talked to, a chapter that you could see yourself in. Top house or not -- you’ll be happiest where you’re most comfortable and can be your best self. Ignore expectations and go with the chapter that feels right.

Don’t gossip or overshare. You may get asked about specific people, booze, religion, other chapters, guys. Be neutral! The last thing you want to do is share a bias towards any existing chapter, a religious or political belief, or a hint at your bad-girl ways that could discredit you. You also don’t want to talk dirty about any other sorority as it shows bad character.

This is the biggest week of the year. Recruitment is a big deal -- not just for you, but for the sororities themselves. They’ve been preparing for this week year-round. Skits, outfits, process. It's all been planned and rehearsed. That said, the stakes are high. A slip in conversation or a faux pas comment could cost you, and them! Stay on your toes, but keep a smile and a relaxed attitude.

Good luck from the team!



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