Four Simple Tips For The Commuter Student

Commuter Student
 Commuter Student
 Brendaliz Torres  

Attending a university that is only five minutes away is extremely convenient. But, there were so many things I wish I had known as a freshman and not halfway through my undergraduate experience. Here, I share the keys for the best mix of #socollege and #commuterlife.

Tip #1 – Find a comfy spot
My first rule is to find your comfy spot! Having a quiet, personal space on campus can be important for a student who is not adjusted to sharing space like a dormitory. This spot is usually hidden in the library or in the corner of a building. What’s important is that you feel comfortable to lounge but also to get any work done. Somewhat, like a home away from home.

Tip #2 – Make some friends!
My sophomore year of college, I started this rule: during the first week of classes, I would find one classmate to be acquaintances with, I usually trade numbers with her/ him and whenever I miss a lecture or just need some help with notes during a mutual downtime, I know that person is just a text away. It’s also really convenient for any courses that assign group work, it won’t be so awkward choosing and working with a partner or newfound friend.  
Tip #3 – Attend the social events!
I am English major and our department is pretty tiny but nearly every week there is an event in relation to English. Whether a public speaker comes in for a Q&A, or creatives that fit into a category join together and host a panel. Many of these events are enjoyable and enlightening. Even if it’s a small gathering, sometimes these events are better in an intimate setting.
Tip #4 - Join Clubs
The golden rule: join clubs! Many college campuses offer “Club Days” where all clubs, groups, and Greeks show what they’re about. Probably one of the more exciting days at the start of the semester. There are so many different types of clubs that almost anyone can be welcomed with open arms. Joining clubs is not only good for your resume but gives you more of a reason to hang around campus and be social! Meeting others with similar interests is always important. Even if your major does not match all of your interests, a club(s) can balance that out.
Now, apply these four tips at the start of your next semester and your college experience will be so different. Don't be afraid to meet people! College is all about meeting those who are both alike and different from you.



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