Kinda True Urban Dictionary Definitions On Sorority Life

Sorority Sisters
 Sorority Sisters

What kind of related made up terms and definitions do you think you get when you search the key word “sorority” into Urban Dictionary? Yea, it’s pretty much what you’d expect. Biased disapproval and filthy minds. I was able to find 5 definitions, although, that in my opinion were pretty much true. Check them out below and let me know if you agree.
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Sorority Pose
The pose that all sorority girls, everywhere, at every college, immediately get into when taking a group picture. It consists of a hands-on-knees squat of varying heights, usually with a few short girls sitting in the front. This creates an easy, organized, tiered pose (because, God forbid anyone be covered in the picture).
Look at those cute A-Chi-Os! Someone pulled out a camera to take a Bid Day picture and even the pledges knew without instruction to crouch into Sorority Pose.

Sorority Rapture
Sorority Rapture is the physiological aftereffect a young male experiences when visiting a sorority house for the first time. Primarily occurs among college freshman males who are not in a fraternity and does not have stable relationship with a sorority member.  
Sorority Girl Phone
Noun: A smartphone that's screen is cracked, but still oddly functional, signifying that you most likely left it in your back pocket and sat on it, or had it shuffle out of your pants and it landed incorrectly on the ground. A Sorority Girl phone often occurs because college-age female clothing does not have real pockets, as to preserve the feminine form. Because the Sorority Girl Phone works perfectly, you will continually use it, and you will tell a different story than how it actually got damaged, because said story is often bland and uninteresting.
I used to have a nice, white, iPhone 5. Now it's a sorority girl phone. I'm going to go purchase some Starbucks and spend my night in my yoga pants.  
Specifically plastic rain boots with designs on them and UGGS.  
Frat Feet
The state that a girl's feet look like after a frat party, ie covered in dirt/beer and whatever else was on that floor.
happens mainly when you wear flip flops or sandals



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