Fraternity Party Ideas and Tips

Credit: Flickr/miggslives - Beer Pong
 Credit: Flickr/miggslives - Beer Pong

I feel like these tips should be a no-brainer for your average fraternity man but sometimes ya’ll just don’t hit the mark. Fraternity parties are a staple in college social life. Everyone from sorority girls, freshmen, and the random GDI attend them. The quality of your house parties can affect your reputation around campus
and more importantly your rush process. Below is a list of some aspects of your average party that should never be missing:

1. Alcohol: Even if it’s just for friends of the brothers, providing drinks at parties is always a plus. It’s worth spending the extra money to ensure that everyone has the best time possible. Not to mention, when word gets out that you have a great juice recipe it will definitely cause people to come back for more.

2. Music: Picking the brother with the best playlist to DJ or having one that actually knows how to DJ is essential. Nothing will kill the party-vibe more than trying to make people get their groove on to the Electric Slide. Not to say there’s anything wrong with throwing a few party favorites in there (WOP and Wagon Wheel are pretty much a necessity) but if all you play is something my grandmother would listen to then you might as well just turn it off.

3. Theme: While Greek members may get a little tired of the weekly closed mixers sometimes it’s fun to have an open party with a theme. Getting the word out around campus about the open toga, highlighter, ABC, etc. party you’re hosting will bring a new crowd of people to your house that maybe would have shrugged it off before.

4. Advertising: It pretty much goes without saying that you can’t have a party if no one shows up. Discretely advertising around campus about what’s going on that night is always a good idea. You may have the best party ever planned but if no one shows up it will all be a waste!

5. Open Space: Leaving the furniture in your house during a party is probably one of the worst things you can do. Not only will it get ruined, some drunk kleptomaniacs will probably steal anything they can get their hands on. Have some brothers or pledges move the furniture upstairs, in a closet, or just out of the way. It’ll save your furniture from being ruined by spilled drinks and people dancing on it.

6. Sobers: For safety’s sake alone having a sober crew around at every party is fantastic. They’re there to keep the drunk people safe and in-line, deal with the cops if necessary, and make sure people get home safely.

There you have it, a short list of party essentials for the average fraternity man. There are of course many more dynamics of the college social scene that could be included in this. However, because Greek life and the rules that govern it are different at every school let these six main points be the basic blueprint for ya’ll to improve upon.



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