Best College Halloween Parties

Athens Ohio Block Party
 Athens Ohio Block Party

It’s Halloween weekend on college campuses across the country. Many see this as one of the top weekends every school year. You would be hard pressed to find a college town that doesn’t have a Halloween party going on this weekend. Some schools, although, do take these festivities to the next level. Here’s a list of some of those schools.

University of Wisconsin Madison’s Freakfest

2016 will be the 11th annual Freakfest in Madison. Every Halloween the Badgers fill State Street to get freaky. You know the event is legit when it’s sponsored by Mountain Dew. They have a solid lineup of live bands scheduled on several different stages.
UNC-Chapel Hill’s Celebration on Franklin Street This party shuts down Franklin Street every year for a huge Halloween celebration. Reportedly, in years past they’ve had up to 80,000 attendees. This tradition has been going on since the 1980s.

University of Iowa’s Halloween Celebration The campus throws down for Halloween. There’s several years of I’m Shmacked videos to back this up. Be safe Iowa City!
Arizona State University’s Halloween
ASU’s Halloween is hot every year.  But seriously, this year temperatures are up around 100 degrees. It’s one of the best Halloween parties because, unlike up north, no one is freezing their buns off. They even have a baseball scrimmage where the team dresses up in ridiculous costumes and plays for the locals.  
Rice University’s Night of Decadence
Since 1972, the students of Rice University have been hosting its annual “NOD” event around Halloween. Each year the event has a theme. Some of the past themes have been 1989’s “Die Hard: 40 Years and Still Erect”, 1994’s “Lust In Space”, and 2015’s 2015 “NODs and NODesses: Mount My Olympus”.  
Ohio University’s Athens Ohio Halloween Block Party
Since 1974 students have blocked off downtown Athen’s Court Street and thrown an epic Halloween party. Students from all over Ohio flock to OU on this Saturday every year. Crowds of up to 30,000 for this event have consistently kept OU on the map as one of the nation’s rowdiest party schools. O-U-Oh-Yeah.



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