AlumAvenue: Interview with Sean Hoggard

Full Sail University
 Full Sail University
 Gabrielle Alexandra Smith  

“I learned that there are a lot of crabs in the bucket looking to bring you down but you have control of your journey in life.”- Sean Hoggard. Sean Hoggard first obtained his Bachelor’s degree at the University of District of Columbia in Mass Media Arts. Recently, Hoggard obtained his Master’s at Full Sail University in Entertainment Business. Hoggard was a happy to sit down with AlumAvenue
to tell us about his post-graduation life.
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: Tell me your alma mater, year of college graduation, and major.
Sean Hoggard: University of the District of Columbia / 2013 / Mass Media Art (Bachelors) Full Sail University /2016 / Entertainment Business (Masters).
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: How did it feel to walk across the stage to receive your diploma?
Sean Hoggard: It was a feeling of accomplishment and success after a hard and long journey through the many years of school. 
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: 3. Were you ever scared about what life would be as a post graduate?
Sean Hoggard: I wasn't scared but was a little nervous because it is the first time I'm out on my own. You had an idea of what to expect but not everything.
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: What preconceived idea did you have?
Sean Hoggard: The preconceived idea that was realizing that I’m on my own, if that makes sense. This is where the real work begins. How do I continue or begin to get my foot in the door to be able to work my way to storm in the room of my career? 
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: Tell me about your entertainment business?

I plan to begin my own recording label. More details to follow as things become final. Stay tune to new music from myself. 
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith:  How long did it take for you earn a job in your career field?
Sean Hoggard: I am still waiting for a job in my career field. Now, I am making one for myself as I am working on my own entertainment business.
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: If not, then how long did it take you to realize the transition was difficult and that you were not going to find a job in your career field that easy?
Sean Hoggard: I always realized that it was going to be hard because to the world you are considered a nobody until you showcase your talents and what you have to offer. The work is not hard to get accomplished, the main question is will you be willing to do it?
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: After completing undergraduate, what was your first struggle as a post graduate?
Sean Hoggard: Knowing how to start. How to begin to get my foot in the door.
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith:  From being a post graduate, do you think you ever need your titled degree to become successful or do you feel it is the simple "degree" that is important? Meaning a degree in any area.
Sean Hoggard: I feel that the "degree" means more than anything because it shows that you have some kind of "education". Many of my friends have degrees but are working in another field to make ends meet and pay bills to survive. They wouldn't be able to apply for those jobs without a degree. Ex. I work in security because I have a degree.
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: After shaking the hands of your previous deans to now living as a post graduate, what have you learned about life?
Sean Hoggard: I learned that there are a lot of crabs in the bucket looking to bring you down but you have control of your journey in life. Do what you have to do to be what you want to be but be real along the way.
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: How long did it take you to learn this?
Sean Hoggard: I am not saying the world considers myself a nobody. I am speaking in general as you have to make your mark on the world. No one knows who you are until you insert yourself to the top.
Gabrielle Alexandra Smith: Thanks
Sean Hoggard: You are welcome.



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