5 Types Of College Professors

College Professor Looking Serious
 College Professor Looking Serious
 Gabrielle Alexandra Smith  

College professors have wide ranges of personalities, but there are five common types that every college student will come across during their undergraduate careers. Some of these personalities are irritating…while others can make learning fun. Also, some might not be your favorite, but they will make you a better person in life. Also keep in mind that a professor’s teaching style can change how a college student’s academic performance.

Strict grading professor
There is always a professor that will make you strive for excellence. They are so strict with grading that they are always keeping their students on their toes. The truth is that, in the end, they are doing it to help in you. They will be always on your case, because they want to push you to be better. It is important to keep in mind that crying does not work with this type of professor or in college. Always keep in mind that these professors were once students themselves and they have your best interest in mind.

Lenient professor
Some professors seem like they don’t like their jobs, and these types let their students get away with a lot. They might let you turn in an assignment late without any penalties. These types of professors are very rare in college, so if you happen to come across one please take advantage. The downside of having this type of professor is that you are not being challenged enough, whereas, if you had a strict professor you would learn the importance of remaining punctual.  
Therapist professor
This is the professor that spends most of the class talking about his life. They talk about their mistakes, accomplishments, family, and personal things in life. This professor rarely goes over the materials dealing with the subject, but expects you to ace all the exams and quizzes. Furthermore, you are sitting in the class wanting to learn about the subject matter you registered for, instead you are getting an ear full of your professor’s personal business.  
Lovable professor
These professors are one of the best because they are everyone’s favorite. They still do their job, but they show their students their caring side. Additionally, this type of professor is strictly for their students education and not just teaching to earn money. They also find a way to make learning fun.
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Do-the-right-thing professor
This type of professor does everything they are supposed to do. They do not do extra favors for their students, not even if you pout, cry, or promise something in exchange.  
You will experience all five of these professor types during your undergrad career. Some, will push you, some will make you smile, others will make you cringe. There are different ways to deal with each of them. Your challenge is to learn how to work with all of them in order to get those credits and move on.



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