5 Campuses Most Prepared For Zombie Apocalypse

University of Hawaii
 University of Hawaii

Admit it, we have all wondered what would happen if there was an actual zombie apocalypse. Some college campuses would be in big trouble, while others are positioned to fare much better. This might because of location, resources, commitment to sustainability, or just sheer grit and toughness. Here are five schools that have the best odds of surviving through an actual zombie apocalypse.

West Point
This makes sense, right? These are some of the smartest and most well-prepared students in the country. They are literally trained to protect themselves and others. They would tell the walking dead to ‘bring it’.

University of Tennessee
UT Knoxville is continually ranked as one of the most green universities in the country. 42% of the campus power comes from renewable resources (wind and solar). The Volunteers already know how to live off the grid. University of Hawaii
University of Hawaii might have a better chance than other locations purely because of its location. If the outbreak was on the mainland, hopefully they could monitor who/what comes over to the island.  
University of Arizona
Just like Tennessee, the Wildcats might fare well during a zombie apocalypse because of its ability to run off the grid. Tucson is one of the sunniest locations in the country. UA Tech Park’s Solar Zone can generate up to 25 megawatts of energy.  
Washington and Lee University
Sandwiched between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains in the small town of Lexington, Virginia, W&L would be difficult to reach by a hoard of zombies. It would also help that the campus borders the Virginia Military Institute.



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