10 Surprisingly Fun and Cheap College Date Ideas

Back To School And Love Is In The Air. Here's How To Make The Most Of It.
 Back To School And Love Is In The Air. Here's How To Make The Most Of It.

It’s finally fall semester, chock full of back-to-school feels, thirsty Thursday’s and gameday weekends. And, a whole new semester of romantic opportunity. If you’ve had a dry summer, or you’re sick of seeing all the faces of high school loves past, then welcome back to campus where there’s no shortage of fish in the sea.

Love is in the air, and here’s 10 campus date ideas to make sure you’re capitalizing on it.


10. Try a club together. Kill two birds with one stone this year by branching out of your comfort zone and checking out an extracurricular club meeting together. Always wanted to try skydiving? There’s a club for that. And nothing gets the sparks flying like trying an adrenaline sport together.

9. Do a scavenger hunt on campus. But not your regular old scavenger hunt. Challenge each other to only include locations that the both of you haven’t yet explored. The on-campus planetarium? School of Library Sciences? Aim for uncharted territory!

8. Study together. We said surprisingly fun, and we promise it’s possible to have a good time at the library. Make studying collaborative by quizzing each other, or turn it into a competition by placing a bet on whoever scores higher on the forthcoming exam pays for the next dinner date. 

7. Take a group fitness class together. This is a perfect opportunity for him to try yoga and for her to take a stab at Crossfit. Working out together is proven to get serotonin and dopamine levels up, so even if there’s no chemistry, you’ll have a blast just hanging out friends.  

6. Go on a bike ride. Bet you didn’t know your college campus probably offers bikes for rent! Rent a bike and take to the streets or trails on a date, packing a lunch and a couple of cans of wine for a romantic picnic somewhere where open container laws don’t apply.

5. Host a bake-off. Challenge each other to see who can cook a better meal. You make the first course and she’ll make the second. Living in the dorms with no access to a kitchen? Get creative and see what you can cook up Iron Chef-style with the limited resources you have -- who can put a better twist on microwave ramen?!

4. Bar-restaurant crawl. Sure, you may do this every Thursday night anyway. But challenge yourselves to hit up the town's happy hours, and have only one drink or a dish at as many establishments as you can fit in and afford. Just prepare your stomach for the space and your liver for the booze!

3. Host a themed movie night. How many 90s thrillers or 80s rom-com’s can you fit in in one night? Pick a theme and design a movie night around it, including themed snacks and drinks (and costumes, if you’re up for it!).

2. Volunteer together. Plenty of philanthropic clubs and organizations advertise volunteer opportunities in the campus newspaper or events listings -- see what volunteering experiences are available at local animal shelters, soup kitchens or neighborhood cleanups for a date that gives back.  

1. Visit a kitschy museum. Your school’s gotta have one. Heritage museums, quirky art museums, school museums. Your university is probably old and with history comes the need to put anything ancient and relevant in one place. See what off-beat museum is located on campus -- you’ll probably have the place to yourself!



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