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What are some things that will make you not get initiated during pledging a frat, besides not making grades?

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You have to memorize facts about the frat. If you can’t do that, they may withhold your initiation.

By: Will
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The frat changing their mind about a pledge. Several have a final vote and the bid can be rescinded any time before initiation.

By: jr
by: JimNov 2, 2019 9:59:07 AM

Can you say some things Done that would change their minds during someone’s pledging?

By: Jim
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Groping a girl at a date party and she accuses you of it to your chapter’s exec board. Then they pull your bid the day before initiation.

By: Mac
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Just be yourself, don't be creepy to girls, and learn how to handle your drugs and alcohol. Make an effort to be involved with your pledge class and you should be fine.

By: Trump

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