pledge ship for frats

by: Process

What are some things that will make you not get initiated during pledging a frat, besides not making grades?

Posted By: Process
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#1  by: Will   

You have to memorize facts about the frat. If you can’t do that, they may withhold your initiation.

By: Will
#2  by: jr   

The frat changing their mind about a pledge. Several have a final vote and the bid can be rescinded any time before initiation.

By: jr
by: JimNov 2, 2019 9:59:07 AM

Can you say some things Done that would change their minds during someone’s pledging?

By: Jim
#3  by: Mac   

Groping a girl at a date party and she accuses you of it to your chapter’s exec board. Then they pull your bid the day before initiation.

By: Mac

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