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by: obvi

so PNMs and freshman, a lot of talk about rush... if you want to join a sorority, here's the TEA:
1.Dz-Super fun, kinda sleazy though. They are ranked #1. Super pretty and MOST of them are nice. They are the most popular for sure.
2.ASA-They are going downhill from the looks of it, but they are all very pretty. Look out for them though, they are stuck and fake, also they got SK kicked off campus due to jealousy.
3.ZTA-They are all super nice and a lot of fun. could be more involved. Again, pretty girls and very genuine. I can easily see them taking the #2 spot over ASA soon.
4. TriSig- Some of them are normal and nice, others are just odd.. very odd, odd looking and personality wise. They are weird on social media imo.Definitely my least favorite out of the 4 relevant sororities on campus. I would stay away.

Posted By: obvi
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#1  by: Haha    

PNMS ZETA IS NOT EVEN IN THE RANKS who ever made this doesn’t know the inner circle at radford but your close. Dz Asa and tri sig are top three zeta is just there and hangs out with weird frats over all same with tri sig. only Asa and dz hang w top tier frats because they are also top tier. Zeta is like phi kapp, sigma pi, psk, kdr so they are definitely not taking over #2 or #3 spot any time soon

By: Haha
by: LOLOct 20, 2019 2:47:30 AM

this guy is on the money 😂 guarantee a geed made this

#2  by: obvi????   

did a ZTA make this??? lol i’ve never laughed harder

By: obvi????

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