ru fall 2019 rushees

by: TFM

gunna keep this short, kappa sig, sigma chi, asp, and delta chi are the top tier fraternities at radford. If you’re thinking about rushing something else, they’re not top tier

Posted By: TFM
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#1  by: Rush ΚΣ   

Obv biased but once we’re back on campus ΚΣ will be #1

By: Rush ΚΣ
#2  by: about that   

pi kapp were top tier idk about KS

By: about that
#3  by: Sigep   

Lol. All bottom tier. Rush SigEp or you’re wasting your time. period.

By: Sigep
#4  by: uh   

coming from a perspective of a girl in a top tier sorority at radford, Kappa Sig is defintly not top... pi kapp was #1 but after they got kicked off its all been downhill from there. They got the Kappa Sig charter last year and the older guys in it are great but there new pledge class and crowd they bring around are very weird, and very very ghettoh... but yeah Delta chi and Sigma chi are the only top frats at radford worth your time if you are a normal guy who is looking to rush ahahah

By: uh
#5  by: BiggestSigEpFan   

Honestly if you don’t join SigEp you’re a waste of life

By: BiggestSigEpFan
#6  by: RedHouse   

Don't sleep on the nice guys on campus, AXP is def on the come up.

By: RedHouse
#7  by: Almost   

This is true except Kappa Sig

By: Almost

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