sigma kappa kicked off campus

by: True

Sigma Kappa no longer exists as an active sorority here. They were kicked off of campus last spring.

So any of you PNMs who have been told by former members that they are still here beware. They may say they're taking new members but you will be a member of nothing because they don't exist. You will never be initiated into the national sorority Sigma Kappa. You will never be a Sigma Kappa alum. You won't be anything.

Posted By: True
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#1  by: SV   

Why did they get kicked off campus? Couldnt be hazing since all the sororities do that...

By: SV
#2  by: Unbelievable   

They had their charter revoked for no reason basically. ASA was jealous of them and made up a bunch of stuff.

By: Unbelievable
#3  by: Graffiti   

They got kicked off because memebers in asa took pictures of SK’s drinking in letters and sent it to their nationals

By: Graffiti
#4  by: LOL   

LOL lets not lie we all know their president is the one that handed everything over to nationals. Lets not be petty bc ur organization sucks as a sisterhood.

#5  by: Lessie   

What happened? I was initiated in 1977-78 when it was called Radford College. Only about 15 girls but we all got along ok. One if my alums went there for a weekend with her family and when home she said the girls made her feel as another sister. 80 girls and a huge house. WTF?! Never hazed when a sister or a pledge. Some dumb girls hazed when told not to...Nationals told us the same thing and we "behaved". Pres didn't like me because I did not "sleep around" like her. But hey! that's up to her. Right?! She tried a hazing and I was already a sister so I told her "no" Not happening. And that ended.

By: Lessie
by: LeahMar 7, 2021 7:34:11 PM

SK was getting too popular and ASA didnt like it so they reported them to Nationals so they could stay #1

By: Leah

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