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Delta Delta Delta sorority chapter comments at University of West Georgia - UWGA

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#1  by: Frat Attack08   

These girls are by far the most fun soroity. They hangout with everyone and are down to earth... if your not gonna be a delta no use in going greek

By: Frat Attack08
#2  by: UGA Tri Delt   

I'm a little upset by these comments. While all of our chapters are the same, the one thing that we are not supposed to do is refer to ourselves in a way that does not reflect class. 'Meet the Delta's, Triple D's and saying that your house is a fraternity house and open all the time for guys to come party', ugh, completely inappropriate. Here at UGA, we do NOT open our house for guys to come party! In fact, none of the sororities do that, not even the lesser tier ones, such as the one that is joining your campus. Disappointment to Tri Delta.

By: UGA Tri Delt
#3  by: enough   

great girls,

By: enough
#4  by: azd   

HA these girls are nasty and have went down hill in the past year.

By: azd
#5  by: Fratty   

Seriously has gone down hill, what happened to yall?

By: Fratty

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