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Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity chapter comments at University of West Georgia - UWGA

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#1  by: greekman   

Best athletes that the greek system, get all the women and throw the best parties. These guys tell you how it is and run the campus. Gotta love them, People hate cause they are the best!

By: greekman
#2  by: lol   

Yes also on probation. Tool bags..

By: lol
#3  by: Greek master   

here how it works, everyone is out to get these guys cause they run things on UWGs campus. They arent like pi kapps and let anyone or blacks join there fraternity! They have the best athletes and get the most girls over. They are on probation cause they have no one on IFC! OVERALL AWESOME FRATERNITY!

By: Greek master
#4  by: bestof thebest   

they tell it like it is. you may not like them but you will respect them. hated because they are the best at UWG and other fraternities have to do all they can just to keep up but in the end they remain the best and always will

By: bestof thebest
#5  by: Michael@TheZ   

BTW I was dating a PIKE at the time too. No problems from anyone. Very progressive!

By: Michael@TheZ

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