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by: Hmm

Thoughts on Phi Mu as a chapter?? Kinda wanna rush them next year and just wanted some in sight on their reputation

Posted By: Hmm
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#1  by: Senior    

I have a couple of friends in Phi Mu and the sorority overall is alright. But they hang out with the wrong frats such as Sigma Nu and Pike both have horrible reputations. Most of the girls and their families have money and are higher up and some even seen stuck up due to it.

By: Senior
#2  by: Pie Gal   

Honestly, the complete lack of activity on this website shows how lame Greek like is at UWG.
Go to a real college where there is energy and competition! Not this dull backwater!

By: Pie Gal
by: whyMay 30, 2019 12:08:11 AM

why do people say crap like this? Whats wrong with actually wanting to go to a smaller college? Maybe not everyone thinks large universities are great. And maybe some people actually make life long friends in their sorority/frat at a small university. Stop projecting your hatred because YOU obviously didn't get into the huge university you wanted and just let others live.

By: why
#3  by: ...   

Don’t do it. They’re all stuck up and rude

By: ...
#4  by: Went West   

Phi Mu is one of the top tier sororities on campus at UWG. They have a nice sisterhood but it is very expensive to be a member and many girls come from wealthier families. The Phi Mu's I know are nice but the only downfall as someone else said on this post, is that they hang out with the wrong and worse fraternity men.

By: Went West
#5  by: Hmmm    

Phi Mu is top tier because of their name. Yes they are very involved but they go through phases of being involved. They’ll come and go. Their sisterhood is pretty well but very clique. I know they do have a bunch of drama and back stabbers in their sorority but every sorority has their flaws.

By: Hmmm
#6  by: MIA   

All they take is legacies so if you don't already know a Phi Mu don't even waste you time.

by: Rabbit MamaJul 22, 2019 9:35:15 PM

Knowing a Phi Mu does not classify as legacy status! A legacy has a mom, sister, or aunt who was a member. Don’t spread ignorance!

By: Rabbit Mama

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