what’s up w ifc rush?

by: Wolfie

I heard numbers were really low this year. What’s the deal? I thought it was fun to be frat at UWG?

Posted By: Wolfie
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#1  by: UWG Student    

Around 90 guys signed up for Formal recruitment and out of those 90 only around 27 could rush because the rest did not have high enough GPAs. A lot of the fraternities gave bids away over the summer to get an advantage over the others to have more pledges in the Fall. The average for each frat was around 12 guys this semester.

By: UWG Student
#2  by: Freshman   

I heard all the frats are on social probation so no one wants to join. Not sure if true, but that’s what I heard.

By: Freshman
by: UWG Student Aug 29, 2018 12:59:16 PM

This is not true, not all are on probation just most are. TKE and Alpha Sigma Phi both have the highest GPAs right now and are in good standing with the school.

By: UWG Student
#3  by: Wolfie   

They honestly gave bids out to anybody this year. The pledges this year look horrible and will make some of these frats look bad. Why did so many blacks and Hispanics this year? What’s up with that?

By: Wolfie
by: WolfieAug 30, 2018 6:44:04 AM

Racist much?

By: Wolfie
by: MIAJun 12, 2019 1:32:04 AM

Wow ew you obviously don't belong in any of our fraternities.

#4  by: DamnWolfie   

I heard SNU and Pike got 10 each.

By: DamnWolfie

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