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by: npc

hey y’all so I’ve been looking into sororities to bring to lakehead and since we don’t have any NPCs here we should aim for one of them! They are the best organizations to bring on campus and tbh non-Panhellenic sororities haven’t worked well on this campus. I have the emails of the extension committee should I post it so we can make it happen on this campus?

Posted By: npc
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#1  by: anti sorority    

no but try and see how it works lolz

By: anti sorority
#2  by: ??   

'we should aim for them'? really? - it's pretty offensive to suggest that non-panhel sororities "haven't worked out" lmao. panhel aren't the be all-end all of greek life

By: ??
#3  by: go npc   

npc sororities are the best thing for a campus! tbh non-npcs cannot compare and I know that from experience. Reach out and see what the process will be like! Make sure to also get ppl involved, dont let the negative comments get to you, non-npcs are scared of real competiton :)

By: go npc

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