by: Hatter

Heads up there’s three sororities and at least one frat at Trent!

Alpha Pi Phi(sorority)
Delta Phi Nu(sorority)
Sigma Psi Alpha(sorority)

Posted By: Hatter
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#1  by: hello   

update to that!

The frat is Tau Kappa Epsilon
Sororities are Alpha Pi Phi, Delta Phi Nu, Sigma Psi Alpha and Kappa Sigma Psi

By: hello
by: HahahaMay 5, 2020 7:05:52 PM

Trent's Greek life is sad lmao. Are any of your sororities even Panhellenic? Don't really consider them real sororities if they aren't. If anything SPA, DPN and APP sound like 3rd tier, try hard girls who couldn't get into APhi or tri-delt.

By: Hahaha
by: ^^^^May 15, 2020 12:06:46 AM

Not every school has panhel sororities Available for people to rush/they don’t feel like they belong there - or find that sense of home we were all looking for when joining our orgs. Canadian national/provincial sororities are real sororities. Just because our letters weren’t started 100 years ago doesn’t mean they don’t have meaning, love, and sisterhood behind them. We all start somewhere. Be kind.

By: ^^^^
#2  by: New Fraternity    

We are looking to come on your campus. If anyone is interested in started the first chapter in Canada please find us on Instagram @KappaPiTheta or email us kpt@happapitheta.org

By: New Fraternity
#3  by: Peter Pan   

New sorority on campus, Eta Epsilon Chi

By: Peter Pan

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