What are the general vibes of each sorority

by: Pnm

As a PNM it’s hard to tell what each sorority is like from social media so what types of girls are in each one? I know there’s every type of girl in each but what are the general vibes?

Posted By: Pnm
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#1  by: uh   

That’s the point of going through recruitment. I feel like you’re just inviting all the insecure girls to bully houses that they compete with

By: uh
by: KJul 18, 2021 5:11:39 PM

Yes but the first round is also just videos and it’s not like we can tell much about the girls from each house from a video

By: K
#2  by: yeah   

You don’t know until you actually go in. It sucks you don’t have first round to help you, but honestly the sorority cuts you first anyways so just make your best judgment.

By: yeah
#3  by: Not so simple   

Go through recruitment and see for yourself ;) There’s no point in asking this question on a website full of trolls. After all, your OWN opinion on each house is the only opinion you should rely on. Just go in with an open mind and you’ll find out where you belong.

By: Not so simple
by: I agree Jul 29, 2021 10:39:47 AM

I went in with a “set list” like most girls do, and chapters I wanted the most gave me weird vibes and I completely had different opinions of each after ice water. I get it’s virtual again, but even still second round you’ll start to get a feeling of where you can see yourself. I just say to pay attention to what houses wholesome and what houses feel too done up. You’ll know! And it’s different for EVERYONE!!!!

By: I agree

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