Greek life is dying at LSU because of liberals

by: Chad

Liberal values are killing Greek life. Let’s just call it out for what it is. Greek life isn’t the same as it was as in 2005 because liberal values have infiltrated every aspect of society.

Why are so many liberals flooding into Greek life? Don’t these people realize Greek values are the opposite of liberal values. Frats are masculine and srats are feminine. Liberals are completely against that and push this feminist and inclusion narrative that’s making Greek life go down the toilet. This narrative that “everyone is attractive” and “toxic masculinity is a problem” is why there will be no more Greek life by 2030.

If we want to save Greek life, every frat and srat needs to vet their potential new members and make sure they aren’t liberals

Posted By: Chad
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#1  by: bye   

...nobody joins greek life for political reasons anymore, this isn’t the 50’s dude

By: bye
#2  by: ?   

Okay spam Satan

By: ?
#3  by: oop   

Chad, Thad, and Brad’s are ruining greek life

By: oop
#4  by: huh    

Dude, not the place. If you wanna talk politics there’s probably a club for it, this ain’t it.

By: huh
#5  by: issa no for me dawg    

you know what else is toxic? making everything a freaking political discussion, just let people vibe together man.

By: issa no for me dawg
#6  by: look....   

i mean go ahead and vet your PNMS and see how that reflects on LSU’s greek life...it’s just gonna get y’all shut down.

By: look....
by: huhJul 31, 2020 9:44:50 PM

There is no need to vet the PNMs. Just because they act or look a certain way on social media, does not mean or clearly indicate that they are some type of way. They will show their true colors during the rush rounds and things will go from there. Looks aren't everything bebe ;P

By: huh
#7  by: Obi   

Chad, your frat called. They want their pointy white hoods back.

By: Obi
#8  by: Amy   

It's truly terrifying. Never thought I'd see the day this type of brainwashing would happen at LSU, let alone any state school in the south. Yall need to fight back. Listen to Charlie Kirk

By: Amy

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