Sorority Truth!!!

by: facts

Pi Phi is for naturally beautiful girls and is the top of TCU sororities.

Zeta Chi O and Theta are the same sorority in different fonts. Zeta is more pageant like and California vibes, Chi O is very southern and Theta is known for academics.

DG and SK are very similar vibes but DG takes more popular/hotter girls than SK. SK is super wild but everyone loves them.

Kappa and Tri Delt are falling in the ranks each year. They’re pretty irrelevant to the rest of the campus and stick to themselves. SUPER southern!!!

G Phi and AXO are very very similar. They’ve both been having great recruitment it’s in recent years but aren’t super popular on campus. Their members seem to love it though!

Phi Mu and Adpi are usually peoples last pick in recruitment but still solid options. They have decent sisterhoods and still follow traditional sorority activities.

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#1  by: frog   

this is facts

By: frog
#2  by: Ang1   

Sounds like a Pi Phi wrote this.
Always interesting what defines naturally beautiful and hot. I’ve seen girls in every sorority at this campus. And every.single.one has naturally beautiful and hot girls.
Maybe you should focus on looking at diversity and inclusion. Cuz sis I’d be ranking all your “top rankings” listed above at the bottom where that’s concerned.

By: Ang1

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