am i like confused

by: pnm26

ok i feel weird. i dropped dg, zeta, and tridelt. i come here and see that people are saying dg and zeta are like top sororities? idk the videos just felt so fake and surface level or whatever. like im wanting to see real girls who will be my sisters, not like look at us we are the best sorority because we are rlly rich or whatever. or like here’s us trying to be super quirky. idk how accurate this site is but like i just want to find the sisterhood i’ll feel most connected with not who’s got the most socal girls idk is anyone else feeling this way?

Posted By: pnm26
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#1  by: Yup   

Yea I know what u mean dg is a top house but they are a pretty fake sorority don’t get me wrong I’m friends with dgs they’re nice girls but there’s no sisterhood, zetas a bit better there but still a bit of fake ness, idk maybe look at chi o, other than that idrk

By: Yup
by: pnm26Aug 12, 2022 12:01:13 PM

thank you for ur adviceee

By: pnm26
#2  by: Pnm   

Which houses did you like after the videos then?

By: Pnm
by: pnm26Aug 12, 2022 12:32:22 PM

what do u mean by “then”?

i rlly liked gphi chi o adpi pi phi and kappa

By: pnm26
by: PnmAug 12, 2022 2:10:54 PM

I didn’t mean anything by it! I liked kappa, pi phi, and g phi too!

By: Pnm
#3  by: ?   

Fake PNM post

By: ?
by: Sad Aug 12, 2022 6:31:23 PM

Just another post to try and knock down Delta Gamma. Pitiful.

By: Sad
by: pnm26Aug 12, 2022 10:25:55 PM

what? i don’t come from like a sorority family i’m trying to figure all this out i’m sorry if i’m dumb or something?

By: pnm26

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