As I see it


As I see it as an out of state Senior in a "mid-tier" house- Ole Miss is basically two separate greek systems- one for in state and one for out of state with tiers within those two systems

Top Tier-In State:
KD, DDD, XO- you pledge one of those your mama, your nana your home town will be proud- you can go home at Thankgsiving with your head held high and you can graduate and move home to your hometown and join the local alumni chapter and your life will be all set (I dont mean that as b-chy as that sounds- I think that's great if thats your life)

Mid-Tier In State-
DG- its not one of the three but its respectable and your mama can tell your neighbor how you just LOOOOOVED them on pref night it completely changed your mind. (They won't buy it- but its an almost believable story)

Lower Tier- In State-
Phi Mu/ KKG - its better than nothing or pledging an "out of state house"

Top Tier Out of State-
KKG / Pi Phi- both have strong out of state Reps and cool girls

Mid Tier- Out of State:
If your southern you pledge ADPi if your east coast/ northern/west you pledge APhi- it just depend on which house is stronger in the state you live so you can go home and say you pledged a "top tier here" or when you transfer

Lower Tier-
AOPi- nothing wrong with them great girls but no major national rep

Ive often thought it would be fun to have two different rushes for the two separate systems but anyway thats just how I see it walking out the door.

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Complete nonsense

By: Truth
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If you went here, you'd know it's a legacy vs. non-legacy rush, not a in-state vs. out of state rush.

Actually, the top tier (KD, DDD, XO) has about 1/2 out of state girls, lining up with the school's average.

Legacy rush:

KD - is very localized. not strong national chapter. a lot of girls around here or small mississippi/tenn. towns, not big in Jackson.
DDD - very city girls. Jackson, yes, but a lot of big southern cities (ATL, Dallas, Nash, etc.).
XO - Mix of city/small town girls, but more city girls. Big in Jackson, but also a lot of out of state.

Non-legacy rush:

The rest of the house's don't require legacy, but legacy helps, especially a top middle tier house like DG and Kappa. Rest is just stereotype. I won't get into them, but everyone knows what they are.

By: Ok, enough mom
by: Small city?Apr 27, 2019 7:52:49 PM

Is Jackson actually considered a city?

By: Small city?
by: Okay MommieApr 30, 2019 7:52:36 AM

It's actually funny, a Mom is telling another Mom to stop.

By: Okay Mommie

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