Actual rankings for this year


Pi Phi/KKG
AOPi/alpha phi

Posted By: IMO
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This post is so bizarre I can't even figure out which house is trolling.

By: ?
by: AwwwwApr 11, 2019 2:39:12 PM

DDD is sad not to be on top anymore. This looks pretty accurate to anyone at Ole Miss

By: Awwww
by: Haha Apr 25, 2019 8:36:24 PM

I agree. DDD can’t hang- terrible pledge class last year.

By: Haha
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This is the most accurate thing I’ve seen on this site!

By: Rebel Love
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With more and more out-of/state girls, Chi O and others that have their little Mississippi “hometown honeys” are becoming BORING. Alums fighting over some plain little cheerleader whose granny was a Chi O, KD, etc. They’re looked at as very inbred and totally controlled by old ladies.
If this is still top tier—then great! But it’s beginning to look tired and old-fashioned.

by: .........Apr 25, 2019 10:23:54 PM

Well aren't you just the example Pan Love. Somebody needs to pray a little harder they can actually become a decent human being.

By: .........
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Fairly accurate for most recent pledge class actually.

By: Actually
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This is the most accurate. If you actually go here you know that these top 6 are only diff by what type of person you are and where you feel more comfortable. Most girls that aren't legacies would never want to be KD's or XO's, most girls like Phi Mu, DG and KKG and those 3 are all the same just diff depending on if you party more, then KKG. Phi M is more girl next door and DG is in-between those two.

By: actual student
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lol what is pi pi phi doing with kkg, and kkg under dg? that is funny. dg just because you were founded here does not mean anything, you are a nationally low house, get out.

By: lol
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By: r
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I need to post something crazy and then agree with myself for the next two weeks.

By: Wash, repeat, rinse
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Finally someone actually gets it RIGHT. This is the TRUTH right now at OM.

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Yes!!!! Best post I have seen in a long time.


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