Best sorority houses to live in

by: jen

In my senior yr looking to rush next fall! Please help me choose a house!!

Posted By: jen
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#1  by: Facts   

Well we rush in the spring

By: Facts
by: greekSep 28, 2022 8:01:31 AM

Rush is in January

By: greek
#2  by: Haha   

Girl this is not how rush works, we don’t decide on a house , you rarely get the house you want going into it

By: Haha
#3  by: Bye   

Lmfao bye

By: Bye
#4  by: idiot   

you don’t choose, you just get put in one basically so if you want to choose than don’t do recruitment. It’s also not in the fall and we don’t call it rush at iu

By: idiot

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