rush help from a sorority girl

by: honest

only houses you should rush as a normal social kid looking to pair with top sororities are pikapps, zbt, aepi, beta, and sig chi. maybe sammy and fiji. everyone else is irrelevant and not really in the same social circle as those houses. whoever disagrees with this is probably in an irrelevant house. sorry :(

Posted By: honest
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#1  by: woohoo   

irrelevant house for the win 😃

By: woohoo
#2  by: fact   

actually very true

By: fact
#3  by: geed   

this school is so toxic lmao

By: geed
#4  by: S   

SAE, Phi Sig, Phi Delt?

By: S
by: herbAug 11, 2022 2:31:31 PM

lol all irrelevant

By: herb
#5  by: tf   

This post was def made by a guy

By: tf

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