What happened to the post about the YouTube stars?

by: Deleted?

It was funny and exposed them lol. What happened???????

Posted By: Deleted?
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#1  by: sh   

yeah I bet Olivia was the one who posted the old one lol

By: sh
by: ^Jun 5, 2020 5:04:59 PM

100%, she basically has no followers and no one knows who tf she is anyways

By: ^
#2  by: bruh   

I just read the article on her dad online wtf thats crazy. poor girl

By: bruh
#3  by: Um   

What article who’s her dad

By: Um
by: ;Jun 4, 2020 4:14:31 PM

Look up Elden Dejarnett Indiana on google the articles will pop up

By: ;
by: ummmJun 4, 2020 4:14:53 PM

yea someone link the article

By: ummm
by: .Sep 30, 2022 8:14:52 PM


By: .
#4  by: a   

wtffff thats crazy

By: a
#5  by: t   

can't link but you can type in Elden Dejarnett on google and they come up

By: t
#6  by: ?   

No one said its funny I feel and for her

By: ?
#7  by: Really guys?   

She doesn’t even go to this school yet and you guys are already judging her. She is not her dad. You also have no proof that she posted the cringey youtube original post that was taken down. You literally never know if someone else posted that to make her look bad. Whether she did it or not give her a break because this is vicious.

By: Really guys?
#8  by: yo   

guys for real the girl hasnt even gotten to college yet and y’all are already blacklisting her, whatever her dad did is not her fault let her prove herself

By: yo
#9  by: Hm   

Poor girl do we think any sororities will want her?

By: Hm
#10  by: u   

Honestly idk

By: u

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