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by: pnm

How hard is it to get a bid from a sorority at Carthage? Do I need to get recs or know a lot of girls already in the sorority to get a bid? TIA

Posted By: pnm
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#1  by: DOE Active   

You don't have to get recs for most sororities on campus, although I'm not sure if national sororities require it. Honestly, just be yourself, throughout recruitment you get to know people in each sorority so you don't have to be friends with people beforehand. I hope that answers your question!

By: DOE Active
#2  by: random teke   

honestly if you want to be a part of greek lift at Carthage and show up to all the provided events, you'll find your place. Carthage is way less a "are you good enough" place, and waaaay more a "who do you vibe with" sort of place.

By: random teke
by: random tekeMay 26, 2021 2:06:20 AM

....also...like do greek life. Carthage has a Blue Mountain State vibe....either you came here cause sports...or you socialize via the random psudo-greek groups that exist

By: random teke

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