John wants frats

by: John d

WHY ARE THERE NO FRATS HERE? I would really like to join one.

Posted By: John d
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#1  by: Jack the geed   

No frats are scary and I wouldn't get a bid :(

By: Jack the geed
#2  by: Jack the gdi   

Please dude can we have frats all my cool friends at home have frats

By: Jack the gdi
#3  by: Jack the Geed   

I really need friends so I’d like to pay for them :( I hate drinking and girls tho

By: Jack the Geed
by: Jack the gdiJan 7, 2022 10:52:15 PM

I agree

By: Jack the gdi
#4  by: Jack the GDI   

Nobody would give me a bid because of my autism :(

By: Jack the GDI

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