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So honestly.. best frats and best sororities?
Any hot guys in the frats?

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#1  by: greek   

Best frat definitely Phi Kappa Psi. They work hard to help around campus, and keep their brothers involved at all times. Their brotherhood is so strong. I'm friends with a lot of guys in all three fraternities on campus and they honestly have each others's backs as if they were true brothers. Love seeing them together. As for sororities, Phi Sigma Sigma honestly is the most well rounded. They all seem to get along really well and they are always working very hard for their organization. Known to be the classiest sorority.

By: greek
#2  by: cap   

I'm friends with a lot of Phi Psi's and they're great men with a strong brotherhood for sure. However; as much as I know people will probably disagree with me, Kappa Sigma is quickly gaining on their heels. They recently chartered and are becoming more and more relevant on campus and becoming more involved daily. The brotherhood in KS is incredibly strong and they all look out for one another, look out for amazing things to come from KS.
As for sororities, I agree 100%. ASA and Phi Sig are for sure the two most popular; however, Phi Sig is definitely the more well-rounded one of the two and they do incredible things on and off campus- great ladies in general.

By: cap

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