sorority and frat rankings

by: tampon

1. aphi
2. dg
3. pi phi
4. kkg
5. adpi
6. chi o
7. sk
8. theta
9. a chi o
10. gphi
11. aephi

1. sig ep
2. zbt
3. tdx
4. phi delt
5. pi kapp
6. ksig
7. ka
8. theta xi
9. sig chi
10. fiji
11. tke
12. dke
all factors included!! (looks, personality, house, parties)

Posted By: tampon
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#1  by: Casey   

this is actually so true. Like fiji parties havent been good recently. And Gphi girls have no real personality :(

By: Casey
#2  by: Thsnks   

Phi delt above sig chi and Fiji make it obvious you don’t go here

By: Thsnks
by: tamponDec 13, 2023 5:21:51 PM

lmao I do and I get it but phi delta been good this year and the guys of Fiji and sig chi have been acting upppp

By: tampon
#3  by: u   

This is a terrible list do u even go here

By: u
by: yeahJan 16, 2024 5:29:50 PM

sororities are right, frats way off

By: yeah
#4  by: sorority    

Adpi should def be lower, very weird girls and always cob

By: sorority
by: whatFeb 26, 2024 11:59:20 PM

aphi isn’t even eligible for COB what r u talking about

By: what
#5  by: BoneShow   

NLE choppa and lil pummp really did a number on this girls opinion damn

By: BoneShow
#6  by: az   

the sorority list is wild… chi o above theta??? and gphi at the bottom??? why is adpi above kappa and theta adpi is weird

By: az
#7  by: marg   

piphi above dg

By: marg
#8  by: Hi   

Completely agree accept for gphi should be higher

By: Hi
#9  by: kyle   

dg lowerrrr

By: kyle
#10  by: jock strap   

u r in Phi delt & got friend zoned plus blocked from some top sororities so just move on and take it like a man already

By: jock strap

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