fun sorority- personality matching quiz

by: Happy girl

I took a fun online quiz that matches tht quiz taker with the national sorority that best fits her personality. You can google " sorority personality test" and a few types of such quizzes appear. I wont put the actual link in here as some may not trust the link, but I encourage you to Google such tests as they are fun and often helpful (not all, but some nonetheless.)

My result was: Alpha Phi!

I can't rush now though as I am only 10 but I can't wait to go to college and hopefully become an Alpha Phi. My mom is an Alpha Phi alumna and she says that sororities are for life and not just college, which is really cool. My oldest three sisters (I am the youngest in a family of 5 girls) are Alpha Phis at different schools and my last older sister is rushing Alpha Phi at your school as soon as she is allowed by Pan Hellenic regulations as she will start her freshman year in September.

I can't wait because in only 8 years I might be a sorority girl!

Posted By: Happy girl
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