sae ban and fine

by: IFC Exec friend

SAE has just been banned for 5 years and fined 25,000 I have a friend in ifc

Posted By: IFC Exec friend
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#1  by: Juil   

Crazy bro

By: Juil
#2  by: Hazer   

Let's see. Cowboys gone. SAE gone. ATO gone. Way to go guys. Who's next?

By: Hazer
#3  by: Proof   

Post proof... How can they do anything to them? They’re not even affiliated with the university or IFC...

By: Proof
by: God ur dumbNov 26, 2019 2:25:12 AM

as long as they’re in the vicinity and associated w The students and affect the students in a negative they can get banned Go read a book

By: God ur dumb
by: WhaNov 27, 2019 11:40:16 PM

Banned by who? UT already called them a rogue group & nationals don’t acknowledge them. Just really unsure how this is new news. They’ve been “banned” for over a year.

By: Wha

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