theta is horrible. this is why.

by: futurelonghorn

i messaged a girl on insta, her name is Jillian, from theta. i don’t remember her last name, but i’m sure it’ll be easy to find her. anyways, i asked her a few questions about rushing as i will he rushing at UT next fall and i had some genuine questions regarding rush and what it is like as a junior. she responded to me very rudely and disrespectfully. calling me fake, annoying, etc. basically calling me annoying and as if i’m
not good enough for “Theta” IM NOT EVEN TRYING TO GET INTO THETA i just happened to message a girl who was in this organization. theta, i hope you reevaluate who you recruit because this girl was so rude and was not showing good sorority/school spirit. such a shame, i will not be rushing theta.

Posted By: futurelonghorn
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#1  by: ?   

Wow. Powerful. It would even be more powerful if there were even a Texas Theta named Jillian.

By: ?
by: YepNov 5, 2019 11:44:14 PM

Or if it wasn't posted with different sororities playing the part of the villain on multiple gr sites.

I don't know why this troll doesn't realize that we sometimes check the posts on friend's pages too.

By: Yep
#2  by: ^^^   

Doesn’t exist. futurelonghorn made it up.

By: ^^^
#3  by: Umm   

This reads like something from a middle schooler fantasy world.

By: Umm
#4  by: yep   

Troll is posting this all over greekrank sites.

By: yep

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